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About the Author

Jolene Jonasen BA, BSc, PGDipCom

Hi guys,

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 19. I was in my second year of university studying for a degree in psychology. I was a typical teenage girl; sociable, independent, interested in my appearance and interested in boys.

Although, statistically Hodgkin's has a very high survival rate, the news was nevertheless life-changing.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma is one of the most common types of cancer affecting  young people. There isn't as much support targeted to this age group; most of the support is either targeted to children and young teens or much older adults. If you feel isolated, this book can help change that. There is no need to feel this way.

A decade later, and my experience has inspired me to write a guide for others. My book is different from the other resources available that focus solely on the medical and psychological aspects of cancer. It is tailored to beating Hodgkin's Lymphoma* and it is from an insider's perspective.

I trust that my book will help you through.


"Your book was a blessing... thank you for taking the time out of your life to write such a truthful, informative and encouraging book. It was surprising just how similar I feel to every word. I hope that one day I will be able to do something to help others as you are doing."

Stephanie – Illinois, USA

“I am sending my sincere thanks and appreciation for your dedication to helping others through this disease. You include a lot of practical information. Your book is going to help a lot of people.”

Melonie – Texas, USA

“My wife was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The practical advice in this book is vital for anyone going through treatment. This book has been as much a guide for me as it has been for her.”

Daniel – Auckland, New Zealand

"My sister greatly enjoyed your book. She said it helped her immensely and that the treatment plan is very similar. Now her boyfriend is reading it and my parents want to read it as well. She claims it will help her greatly as she goes through treatment. Thanks very much!"

Natalie – Pennsylvania, USA

"Jolene, I just purchased your book for my niece. So I could be informed as well, I've been reading it and I love it. Your honesty and straight forward style is so refreshing. Thank you again for the time, energy and vulnerability it took for you to write this book. I'm sure it is and will continue to be a blessing to many."

"Sometimes encouragement and knowing you're not alone in this battle are the best medicine. Because of your book, I feel like I've been able to do at least a little something to help her. As hard as this part of her journey will be, I know she will get through it. I'm sure your book will be a part of that process."

Debbie – Indiana, USA

"I just want to say thank you for the book!
I can really relate to it because I'm 19 and have Hodgkin's and the book made me feel a lot better about it

Amber – New York, USA

"We got this book for our friend who was just diagnosed with Hodgkin's, she said that she couldn't put the book down. It is really awesome and informative with a lot of great tips. She was really happy and felt that she could totally relate to the author and it is the best book she has come across."

Nate – California, USA

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Click to order: “How to Beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma – an insider's guide for getting through” >

How to Beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma

How I conquered Hodgkin's 10 years ago
and my 100 tips to make it easier for you

This book answers the 100 most common questions from people going through Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It is a 130 page guide for beating Hodgkin's – both physically and emotionally – written by someone who beat Hodgkin's ten years ago.

My advice is honest and from personal experience - and also draws on the experiences of others who have survived Hodgkin's.buy now


Top 100 Tips

Dealing with the initial shock

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • I know Hodgkin's is one of the “better cancers” – but it still sucks
  • Has my life changed forever?
  • I'm scared but have nobody to talk to – because nobody understands
  • Will my life go back to normal once treatment has finished?
  • Will people always treat me differently?
  • I'm also dealing with my family dealing with it

What to expect over the next year

  • How much time will I spend in hospital?
  • Will I need to quit my job or study?
  • Will I be reliant on others?
  • Will I be able to drive?
  • How tough is chemo for Hodgkin's and does it get easier?
  • When will I know whether treatment is working?
  • Will I lose my hair?
  • Will I lose/gain weight?
  • Will I be able to have children?
  • Will I vomit a lot/vomit in public?
  • Positive things that can arise out of the coming year
  • Who should I take to support me during treatment?

Self-esteem and coping with comments from others

  • How do I tell people I have cancer?
  • I feel like people are talking about me and being unusually nice
  • Our family issues feel so public
  • People are deliberately avoiding me
  • People don't acknowledge my Hodgkin's - does that mean they don't care?
  • Are people always looking at my hair or am I paranoid?
  • Everyone keeps telling me about their family cancer stories
  • Everyone keeps telling me about the latest cure for cancer
  • I feel like Hodgkin's has become my new identity - it's the first thing that people associate with me

The age thing – I'm too young for this!

  • I know I'm too young for this - but why does everyone else keep reminding me?
  • I'm closer in age to the hospital staff than most of the other patients
  • I'm so angry but don't want to take it out on family
  • I suddenly feel disconnected from my friends
  • It's not fair that I have to be on health watch for the rest of my life
  • Hodgkin's and relationships

Treatment – reducing side effects and the side effects they don't tell you about

  • How can I reduce the nausea from chemo (the top 20 tips)
  • I’ve notice a change in my smell and taste
  • How can I "manage" vomiting?
  • They didn't tell me about memory lapses – will it improve?
  • I have mouth sores
  • I've heard that I shouldn't take vitamin C during radiation therapy
  • How do I take additional vitamins and supplements without vomiting them up?
  • I just crave fast food!
  • How do I eat during radiotherapy?
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • I have terrible indigestion/stomach pain – will it get better?
  • I'm not getting any of the side effects they warned me about – is the treatment working?
  • What about Neupogen injections?
  • My skin is dry, itchy and red
  • I have a yeast infection from chemo
  • Will my scars from surgery fade?
  • What about the tattoos for radiotherapy?
  • My veins have narrowed – how do I cope with chemo and blood tests?
  • I have a fever
  • Can my arm get infected from the IV line?
  • I have gout from chemo
  • I have pink urine
  • I have numbness in my fingers and toes
  • I have strange spots on my body
  • Will I get easily sunburned for the rest of my life?
  • Why did I suddenly have a bad reaction to a CT scan?
  • I've heard that meditation can help
  • What about acupuncture?
  • How can I supplement conventional medicine?
  • Should I try to conserve energy between chemo treatments even though I feel fine?
  • Will I have long term side effects?

Looking your best through treatment

  • Reducing hair loss (the top seven tips)
  • Alternatives to wigs
  • The power of hair extensions
  • Disguising sparse eyebrows/eyelashes
  • Nails – can anything be done?
  • The good side effects of treatment – I've heard that chemo can be good for the skin
  • Getting moisture back into the skin
  • Making the most of hair-free legs

The tough times – keeping busy and overcoming isolation

  • I feel like my life is stagnant – everyone else is getting on with their lives
  • The end of treatment feels like a lifetime away
  • It's easier to sleep than to think about Hodgkin's
  • I feel like screaming – my family and friends don't get it
  • I’m scared to get close to other people going through cancer – what if they die?
  • Other peoples’ minor problems frustrate me
  • Coping with seeing the Hodgkin’s on your x-rays and CT scans

Now that I've finished treatment, is it over?

  • I’m officially in remission – why is it such an anti-climax?
  • Will there ever be a day when I don't think about Hodgkin's?
  • When can I stop having blood tests, x-rays and CT scans?
  • Check-ups just bring it all back
  • I now have a medical history
  • I want to help others

The next few years

  • Nobody talks about it anymore, but I still think about it
  • I'm worried that doing certain activities might trigger a relapse
  • I'm starting to think about the risk of secondary cancers
  • People complain about minor health problems – they have no idea
  • Cancer comes up in conversations – do I mention that I've had it?
  • Hodgkin’s has made me self-righteous
  • Surviving cancer is meant to make people stronger – why don’t I feel this way?

A decade after Hodgkin's Lymphoma

  • How to make sure you get on with your life
  • The small reminders
  • How Hodgkin's has changed my perspective
  • Hodgkin's opens the door to new friendships
  • Hodgkin’s – a convenient excuse
  • Good things that have come from having Hodgkin’s
  • Hodgkin’s isn’t necessarily a curse – it can be a blessing

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10 Years Later

After Hodgkin's I returned to university and completed three degrees. I have been working as a public sector analyst for five years. I got married last year, I have a wonderful relationship with my family, and I am still very close to the same friends who supported me through Hodgkin's. I'm a Hodgkin's survivor and I'm living my life.

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Click to order: “How to Beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma – an insider's guide for getting through” >


* Although I believe that people with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma would still find most of the content of my book helpful, please note that this book is tailored to beating Hodgkin's Lymphoma and not non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

** While I support anyone who chooses alternative methods of treatment, the treatment section of this book focuses on conventional modern methods, namely chemotherapy (specifially ABVD), radiation therapy and surgery.

*** Please note that the advice provided is not intended to replace advice from your specialist. This book does not guarantee that you will be cured from Hodgkin's Lyphoma or any other illness. It is intended to assist you through the process, both emotionally and physically.

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